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Flood control is a system that uses 2 backwater valves to stop city sewerage from entering the basement.


Flood control is a system that uses 2 backwater valves to stop city sewerage from entering the basement.


Flood controls are installed in line with the main sewer on the outside of the home. A section of the main sewer is removed and is replaced with 2 cast iron backwater valves, an overflow tee, a clean-out, and an overflow basin.


Connections to existing sewer lines are made with non-shear mission bands.

A precast concrete vault is lowered over the new assembly and the clean-out is brought to grade. The ground is back-filled, and the vault is topped with a cast iron top.


During a flood condition, the two valves are forced closed from the rising city sewer. Any water that gets by the valves or water used in the house will flow out of the overflow tee and into the basin.


An ejector pump then pumps the sewerage in front of the first backwater valve. During a power outage the pump will be inoperable and no inside water should be used, unless a battery backupp or generator is in use.


Our Flood Control Consist of:

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  • Backwater valve: cast iron body, brass check valve and seat

  • Precast concrete vault: 4000psi concrete, reinforced per ASTM C-478

  • Pump: Hydromatic SKV50 1/2hb Ejector pump

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