Matt K

I always use Bills Plumbing & Sewer. All of their plumbers do an excellent job. Today, Jimmy was extra thorough and careful in evaluating my sump pump as well as fixing some of my other concerns. Highly recommended.

Steven G.

I had a water leak from the hot water heater, and I called and Bills arrived within 10 minutes to fix the issue. The service call price was fair and they were professional! I will continue to use them in the future.

Bruce D.

Bill replaced our water heater. He is very professional. Also did a great job. He was missing a release pipe. Several days later, came back and finished the job. And, he was the cheapest of 3 plumbers I called–and a nice guy to boot.

Rick H.

This was the BEST plumbing experience I’ve ever had. First off, today is New Year’s Eve. Every plumber we called was taking the day off. Our problem was a minor one, a backed up kitchen sink. But when I called Bill himself came. Earlier than estimated, I might add.

I. T.

I can highly recommend Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer. They have serviced our house for years: the prices are fair, the response time is quick, the service is very professional and efficient. They always got the job done right! I trust them– which is saying a lot after some poor experiences with plumbers in the past. Thank You Bills!

Sandy K.

Tim, James, and Crew:
I wanted to write and say Thank You for a job well done with our Overhead Sewer System in Des Plaines. The installation was extremely quick for such a large job. I would definitely recommend your team to friends and family.

Roberta B.

I’ve used Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer for several different services in the last nine months. They took care of an outdoor faucet that leaked into the house and told me how to avoid it happening again. Another time they very carefully removed the toilet to empty the tank in order to get to a part stuck inside. Saved us from buying a new toilet. Other work was done on faucets and adjustments on toilets. Someone else might have sold us a new part but they were able to take care of things in just a couple of minutes. Recommended.

Jennifer S.

Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer was one of 5 bids we had to fix our basement flooding issues. They offered 2 solutions: 1) Traditional overhead sewer that raises the sewer lines (that are normally under a basement floor) to the basement ceiling and then exits the front of the house and is connected back to the city sewer down a really steep grade by excavating your yard. 2) They also offered a double check valve system by digging a pit in the front yard. Their representative was friendly, on time, and seemed to really know what he was talking about.  

John C.

So far, so good. I had them come to give me an estimate for a pretty big job which I need to be done to my home. Not only was the estimate professional looking, but they described, in detail, every part of the job! I’ll definitely be using them for the work. An update to this post will follow when the work is complete. UPDATE! The work was done way back in August 2010 and I never updated until now (Jan 2011). They did a fantastic job, were courteous, efficient and on time! Definitely using them for all of my plumbing needs!

Michelle O.

These guys are great. They show up when they say they will. Their prices are very reasonable, and they’re honest, reliable and pleasant.  
I’ve called them 3 times now, twice for work for the building and once for our unit. The 3 jobs were different, and one was an emergency. Every time, they were just great. I highly recommend them.

Sandy K.

Great experience with a new plumber. Installed a new toilet and did some odds and ends. Reasonably priced and Bill was very nice.

Matt D.

Wow, my mom used these guys 5 years ago to install a kitchen faucet, and in the last week, the handle broke off. I didn’t think a plumber would lift a finger to help after that length of time, but they were happy to take the time to show me how to fix it on my own if I found the screw, and how to contact them to get new handles if I didn’t. They had a record of the transaction even — it was on an index card — so cool, old school.