3 Critical Steps To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Winter

3 Critical Steps To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and the cooler weather means your home or office’s heating system will be working overtime to keep the building warm. As we come to winter, you may expect an increased risk for freezing pipes, leading to burst pipes if left unattended. You should have your HVAC system prepared for the road ahead and ensure that you look after all maintenance and repair needs. Many homeowners take their heating and AC systems for granted; however, seasonal variations and changing demands expose the system to significant issues.

Professional companies like Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer can help you get your HVAC system ready for the winter.

In this blog post, we share three critical tips to get your HVAC system ready for the winter.

Replace the Air Filter

In the summer, your air conditioner runs non-stop to keep the building cool; this excessive use wears out the system, especially its air filter. The air filter should be changed at least every 30 days and no longer than 90 days after you start winterizing. The dirt that enters the HVAC system plays a significant role in causing HVAC systems to break down. A dirty air filter also makes your system less efficient.

Check the Furnace Before It Gets Cold Outside

When it is still mild outside, make sure you turn your heating system on at least three times in order for it to work correctly. You don’t want to switch on the furnace on a cold day only to discover that it doesn’t work anymore. There may be a variety of issues with your heating system during the off-season.

The furnace is one of the essential parts of the system. It has a variety of moving components that need to be maintained and repaired periodically. Most importantly, you should take care of regular servicing and maintenance so you can prolong the life of your heating unit and keep it running for years.

Annual Maintenance

A furnace is equipped with a combustion chamber that uses natural gas to produce heat and emits carbon monoxide. Both of these are dangerous components, so homeowners shouldn’t experiment with them. Have an HVAC expert check the system at least once every year to verify that it’s burning safely and effectively. Your HVAC technician will clean the whole ventilation system; this improves the indoor air quality and extends the life of the system.

If your HVAC unit displays any signs of trouble, then it means there is something sinister building up. You should not wait for things to go haywire to consult professional plumbers and HVAC technicians; instead, call them after every season to ensure smooth and efficient running.

Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer, the premier plumbing contractor in Morton Grove, is here to care for your cooling unit. We offer complete HVAC repair and maintenance services in addition to our diverse plumbing offerings. Get an estimate now and fix your system!


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