3 Necessary Tips For Keeping Your Water Pumps Running Smoothly

3 Necessary Tips For Keeping Your Water Pumps Running Smoothly

People often think that water pumps are sturdy machines, and they don’t require much care at all. The truth is that they do require maintenance; otherwise, you will start experiencing problems such as higher power consumption or premature failure. This blog post shares three tips for keeping your water pump running smoothly and reducing the need for costly repairs in the future.

1) Inspect the Pump Regularly

The first thing that you should do is inspect the pump regularly. By doing this, you will be able to identify if there are any leaks or other problems before they get bad enough for a repair. Checking your water pumps can help prevent minor issues from becoming larger ones and more expensive service calls in the future.

If you notice cracks or holes forming anywhere on the water pump or the supply line during an inspection, you should address them immediately. Even if the water pump seems to be working fine, those cracks or holes can become more extensive and cause your entire supply line to break at any moment! It may also be a good idea to have a professional plumbing company like Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer in Morton Grove inspect your water pump periodically to identify the problems early.

A common problem with pool pumps is that they constantly run even when there’s no one swimming in the pool. This can cause motor burn out very quickly because of the wear and tear on them. To prevent this, make sure to turn off your pool pump between uses and only use it when people are swimming so that your motor has time to cool down before you use it again.

2) Test the Water Running Through the Pump

While you’re testing the pump, make sure to check your water temperature because this will tell you how hard your motor is working. If it’s too cold, there may be air in the system, which could cause a dangerous situation for anyone using your pool or spa. You should test the water every six months to detect the presence of bacteria and other harmful substances.

3) Pay Attention to Funny Noises from the Pump

If you hear odd noises, like a high-pitched whine or strange clicking sounds, then it’s time to call an expert because this is not normal. Such problems often indicate that something has gone wrong with the pump motor and needs immediate repair by an expert technician who knows how to work on pumps.

The proper maintenance of your water pump can do wonders for your water supply at home. However, if you’re looking for more insight into pump installation and maintenance in Morton Grove, IL, then the folks at Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer are here to help you. We use the latest pump installation techniques to prevent common water pump problems down the line. We also offer a range of commercial plumbing services that you can count on for all your maintenance needs. Get a free estimate on our services now!


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