3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Losing Its Energy Efficiency

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Losing Its Energy Efficiency

Why is your air conditioner no longer cooling like it used to? Why are you paying more for electricity all of a sudden? Well, there could be many reasons why you’re spending more this year; maybe you have an older model air conditioner, or the thermostat is set too high. Whatever the reason may be, here are three signs that your air conditioner unit is losing its energy efficiency:

Pay attention to these three signs and fix your cooling unit immediately to get efficient results!

1) The AC Makes Noise When Operating

The knocking and grinding sound from your AC is never a good sign. The sound usually indicates that some parts within the unit are broken and need immediate repair. If you hear a squealing sound, there is a problem with the lubricating belt, which is more serious.

A squealing sound could also indicate that some parts are out of alignment, but the solution is simple: call an air conditioning service to fix it for you.

It’s important to remember not all noises mean there’s a problem with your AC unit, so don’t panic right away if you hear something unusual. If the noise continues and starts bothering everyone inside your home, then it may be time to have someone look at it.

2) The Unit is Blowing Lukewarm Air

The primary purpose of an AC is to provide cool air so that the temperature at home is cool even during the hottest time of the air. If you observe your unit not cooling appropriately, then you need to check it immediately.

Low coolant levels or damage to the compressor are some reasons why your AC will start blowing lukewarm air. This may be because the coolant level in the machine has fallen too low, and if this continues for long, it can cause severe damage to your system, which will cost you more money than having it fixed earlier on by a pro.

3) Rising Electricity Bills

If you notice your energy bills are higher than usual, even on routine consumption, then it is time to check your air conditioning unit. The efficiency of the AC may be deteriorating because its compressor and other parts need a good cleaning or replacement.

Other issues with the heating system, such as leaks in the ducts or an inefficient furnace blower, can also cause a rise in energy bills. The unit’s age also plays a significant role in its performance as years of wear and tear make it less efficient over time.

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