3 Ways You Could Be Harming Your HVAC System Unintentionally

3 Ways You Could Be Harming Your HVAC System Unintentionally

Investing in an HVAC is a major expense for any property owner. However, all that money and effort you put in to installing the HVAC system will go down the drain if the system stops functioning due to an avoidable error on your end.

HVAC systems aren’t a one-time investment. As experts of the industry, we’ve seen many homeowners neglect their HVAC needs, only to regret their actions when it’s time to pay for hefty repairs.

The best way to get your money’s worth from your HVAC investment is by taking proper care of the system. You may need to change some habits to protect your HVAC system from unintentional damage.

We’ve made a list of some common mistakes that property owners make which damage their HVAC system.

Closing Vents

The belief that closing the HVAC vents helps conserve energy and maintain efficiency is an untrue urban myth that, quite surprisingly, many people lend an ear to. Closing the vents restricts the airflow, causing extensive pressure to build in the ductwork. This often leads to leaks and problems of efficiency, which need immediate professional attention.

Cutting off the airflow also results in humidity issues that spread to each corner of your living space. So, don’t be afraid to leave the HVAC vents open as it won’t cause any harm.

Not Changing the Filter

Ideally, you should change the HVAC filter every month. The frequency should increase if you’ve got furry pets at home. An unchanged filter eventually becomes clogged with dust and contaminants, making it difficult for the air to pass through. This makes it difficult for the HVAC to warm or cool the space and it takes much longer for it to do so. The extra effort the HVAC requires to cool or heat your property’s interior results in increased energy costs, and you end up paying much more in energy bills without understanding why.

Inadequate Maintenance Procedures

Preventive maintenance is the best way to deal with the problems of your HVAC. HVAC maintenance is the first line of defense against most malfunctions that can plague the system. A minor problem can escalate into something more problematic if you don’t address it immediately or schedule a maintenance session. It is considerably cheaper to resolve HVAC issues immediately; delaying the repair only increases the repair costs.

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