5 HVAC Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

5 HVAC Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Summer is when people like to take it easy, enjoy the sun and relax. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who has an HVAC system in your home, relaxation can come at a cost. 

In this blog post, Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer will explore some of the most common HVAC maintenance mistakes people make in the summer, and we’ll offer tips on how to avoid them. Stay cool – and save money – this summer by reading on!

Neglecting to Change the Air Filter:

One of the most common HVAC maintenance mistakes is neglecting to change the air filter. Your air filter helps keep your system clean and running smoothly, but it can only do its job if it’s changed regularly.

How to Avoid it?

Inspect your air filter monthly and change it when it’s muddy. Depending on your filter type, you should change it every one to three months.

Not Scheduling an Annual Maintenance:

Another mistake people make is not scheduling an annual maintenance for their HVAC system. A qualified technician will clean your system and perform any necessary plumbing repairs during the maintenance. It can help improve your system’s efficiency and prevent small problems from turning into big – and expensive – ones.

How to Avoid it?

Schedule an annual maintenance for your HVAC system in the spring or fall. It will help ensure that your system is ready to go when needed.

Ignoring Strange Noises:

If your HVAC system starts making weird noises, it’s important to take notice and address the problem as soon as possible. Strange noises can indicate potentially serious issues, including loose parts, worn bearings, or even something as serious as a refrigerant leak.

How to Avoid it?

If you hear any strange noises from your HVAC system, shut it off and call a qualified technician immediately. Diagnosing and repairing the problem yourself could do more harm than good.

Forgetting About the Outdoor Unit:

Your HVAC system has two main components: the outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit is often forgotten because it’s not located inside the home. But neglecting this part of your system can lead to big problems.

How to Avoid it?

Check the outdoor unit regularly and clean any debris that may have accumulated. It would be best if you also trim back any trees or bushes that are growing too close to the unit, as this could impede airflow.

Not Checking the Refrigerant Levels:

Another mistake people make is not checking the refrigerant levels in their system. If your system is low on refrigerant, it won’t be able to cool your home effectively, leading to further damage.

How to Avoid It?

Check the refrigerant levels in your system regularly and have them topped off as needed. You should also have a professional check the levels at least once a year to ensure they’re where they should be.

Summer is an excellent time to do your HVAC maintenance, as it will save you money on future residential repairs. Of course, if you need HVAC repair or maintenance in Deerfield, IL, this summer, our team at Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer is here for you. We offer comprehensive service plans and free estimates, so don’t hesitate to reach out if something goes wrong.


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