5 Things That Are Notorious For Drain Clogs

5 Things That Are Notorious For Drain Clogs

The daily shower is about getting clean and relaxing and time for you to take care of your body. Now imagine this: You’re mid-shower, and the bathroom drain starts clogging up with hairballs or other dirt residues that have been accumulating over long periods, dirty water begins pooling while you make futile attempts to avoid stepping anywhere near its shores.

Suddenly, an activity meant to serve as some lovely “me” time turns into “ew” time as you’re now busy trying to figure out how to unclog the drain… while also trying not to throw up at the disgusting sight. At this point, you should call Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer serving Evanston, IL, to come and rescue you from this disaster and let them inspect your plumbing to prevent any other issues from surfacing.

Here are five things notorious for drain clogs. By making sure you do not mindlessly flush them into the sink, you will be able to prevent your bathroom sink or vanity from becoming blocked again.

1. Hair

Shaving is an everyday bathroom activity, and you are quick to flush all the hair down the drain mindlessly. The tiny hair may appear harmless, but it will accumulate and form a horrible and filthy drain clog with time.

2. Grease

Grease, like hair, does not clog the system immediately and does not appear to be as awful at the moment. It takes a long time for the oil to build up and become an obstruction in the system, but once it does, it can cause a tough and disgusting clog.

3. Plants 

Tree, leaf, and shrub debris can clog drains, and if they come into contact with the pipes, they can quickly produce a blockage.

4. A Burst Pipe

Foreign materials will be able to leak into your drainage system once a pipe has broken. This could be anything, from soil to stones to any other stuff. Excess materials accumulate, making it difficult for liquid to flow through the pipes.

5. Personal hygiene products

Toiletry and sanitary goods (such as diapers, baby wipes, napkins, feminine products, and sanitary items) are another common cause of clogged drains these days. The number of objects blindly dropped down the drain has increased substantially in recent years, increasing the likelihood of a clogged pipe or sewer.


What good is a wonderful, soothing shower if it barely lasts? When a drain is clogged, it can seem like the end of the world. Well, despite how repulsive it is, it is a widespread problem. Regardless of how much you despise it, you can’t seem to steer clear from it unless you’re smart enough to practice “prevention is better than cure” by calling Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer serving Evanston, IL, for a timely inspection. Get your free estimate.


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