Different Types Of Plumbing Pipes

Different Types Of Plumbing Pipes

In every household, pipes play an essential role. They supply sanitary water and excavate wastewater out of the home through the appropriate channel.

That’s why experts advise paying extra attention to the plumbing pipe installation as a small mistake/error in the process could have unfortunate consequences on your pipes. However, it is not always easy to distinguish between different types of plumbing pipes and their usage.

While most people might see pipe as a pipe and nothing more, the expert plumbers at Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer Inc. can help you learn all the strengths, weaknesses, and usage of each plumbing pipe. Not only this, but we also offer professional commercial and residential plumbing services for all residing in Wilmette, IL at affordable rates.

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Here’s a brief overview of the top five different plumbing pipes that exist on the market.

1. The Copper Pipe

Copper pipes are a great classic in plumbing. They are recognized for their resistance over time, as it can carry cold water and hot water, whatever the temperature, and can be used for heating.

Recyclable material, copper is also appreciated for its antibacterial properties and aesthetics: some people play it as a full part of the decoration, leaving the copper pipes visible.

However, despite these advantages, it should be noted that this material and its installation process is expensive.

2. PVC Pipe

PVC pipes are frequently used for sewage disposal. They are lightweight and easy to install and has the advantage of requiring no welding and being very economical to purchase.

This material is available on the market in two categories: classic PVC and super chlorinated PVC (CPVC pipe). Know that the latter is more insulating and can be embedded without a protective sheath. Besides this, PVC also benefits from better sound insulation than copper when water passes.

In terms of drawbacks, be aware that PVC does not withstand UV rays: PVC pipes should therefore not be visible. It is also sensitive to heat and will tend to expand and deform on contact with high temperatures. Lastly, it cannot stand strong pressures.

3. The PER Pipe

Made of cross-linked polyethylene, PER piping is semi-rigid and approaches the characteristics of copper piping. These pipes are robust, similar to copper, but less expensive.

They are used for the distribution of sanitary water and evacuation of wastewater. PER piping is capable of circulating cold water and hot water (not above 60 ° however, because it would risk degrading). This type of pipe is also not afraid of corrosion, and, unlike copper, this material does not scale and has excellent sound insulation.

However, PER is sensitive during bending and requires installation carried out by expert hands.

4. The Multilayer Pipe

Combining the advantages of PER and copper pipes, multilayer pipes are distinguished by their triple layer of material: one layer of aluminum and two more of PER.

As robust as the classic model, it is perfectly resistant to corrosion and does not fear UV rays. Its aluminum layer located inside the tube allows it to have a better seal and gives it excellent acoustic performance. Besides, this type of pipe is resistant to high temperatures, making it an ideal candidate for domestic hot water pipes.

Despite its many advantages, the greater weight of this multilayer pipe is nevertheless emphasized. This shortcoming makes the plumbing work required for its installation more complicated.

5. Flexible Hose

Thanks to its great flexibility, the flexible pipe or tube is endowed with great versatility. These are used mainly to distribute sanitary water (supplying a water heater, a dishwasher, or a washing machine) since it is easy to handle and does not require any welding.

Also, it is very robust and resists pressure well. In some cases, it can even serve as a siphon for your faucet. The only shortcoming: its high purchase price.

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