Dull To Divine: 5 Trendy Ideas When Upgrading The Kitchen Plumbing!

Dull To Divine: 5 Trendy Ideas When Upgrading The Kitchen Plumbing!

We bet you’re a MasterChef USA fan, and there are times you imagine Gordon Ramsey blasting you for your deplorable kitchen plumbing! Maybe it’s time to upgrade and get that Donal Skehan’s ‘Meals in Minutes’ contemporary style, or perhaps a more Martha Stewart type to make it homely. Or you can settle for Guy Savoy’s functional steel style that adorns commercial kitchens. It’s really up to the theme of your establishment.

All these kitchen remodels don’t come easy; you need to balance the installed systems’ quality, beauty, performance, budget, plumbing integration, and long life. We have a few trendy ideas in mind that are easily procurable by Bill’s Plumbing and Sewers, just waiting for you to drop by for a free quote if you’re convinced by the end of this blog!

1. The Warm Waterhole –

Kitchens in all American Illinois are friendly, warm, and busy family spaces. Most families spend more time in the kitchens than in the living room to relax and discuss over dinners. What better way to liven up the kitchen than with an upgrade! Apart from the redone kitchen furniture and walls, have us over to install waste disposal units, water heaters (oooh, winters are coming!), and add a Kraus flexible faucet!

2. Install a Water Workstation –

If you love going all ‘Hannibal’ cooking in your kitchen, a KWC Waterstation is a done deal. Sporting a sleek and sensual stainless-steel sink and exterior with mahogany cutting boards and ADA compliance adjustments, you can but gawk at this innovation. They feature sliding attachments like colanders and trays to hold dishes and sponges while prepping your meals. Nantucket and Kohler have other sink designs that provide modern touch-free faucets and ergonomic sink/countertops installations that we are equipped to install the plumbing for.

3. Indulge in an Island: 

Kitchen Islands have been around for quite some time, but now there are prefab designs in ceramic and wood that can easily fit in small kitchens or studio apartments with still ample space to move around. Installing sinks or waterstations in these islands adds a more upbeat wow factor and gives you more space on the main countertops. Install an island with matching chairs and stools, and as a plus point, you have a countertop that also works as a dining table. Pretty savvy, right?

4. Get In the Sun!

Are you the person neighbors love for holding the best BBQ get-togethers? Want to up your game? Install an outdoor kitchen with a theme to moot. If not a waterstation, you will still need some eye-catching plumbing hardware to show off so; rustic, tropical, or good old Pfister to complete the look.

5. Sultry Sinks –

Stainless steel, ceramic, and fireclay are popular choices for sinks these days. Bowls and tubs too. You either have a waterstation, or you can have the station seamlessly integrated into your countertops. Trending these days are apron sinks and integrated tops. When choosing faucets, how about going for a Pfister and adding a Delta pot filler (Kohler’s is the top choice but looks too mid-century) atop the stove space? Pot fillers are great for big and busy kitchens.

Are you tempted yet? Yes, we know our faucets and water stations well. Get in touch for more ideas that we can help with. We are actively serving residents in Evanston, IL, so if you live nearby, this is your lucky day! 

Happy Plumbing!


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