Illinois Lead-In-Water Crisis: Is Your Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Illinois Lead-In-Water Crisis: Is Your Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Drinking tap water is a norm in the U.S. The majority of U.S. residents drink tap water every day and are accustomed to the idea that “tap water is safe to drink.” They do not even pause to think about whether the water they are consuming is actually healthy and really safe to drink. If you have grown up in such a cultural paradigm, then perhaps this blog post will be a shocking revelation for you!

According to a recent report released by the Chicago Tribune last month, more than 8 out of 10 Illinois residents live in areas where brain-damaging levels of lead have been found in the tap water. It is reported that during the past six years, multiple households traced exposure to lead in the water coming from the service lines that connect homes to municipal water supplies. The analysis showed hundreds and even thousands of parts per billion of lead in tap water – an alarming ratio, especially threatening to young children, pregnant women, and seniors.

The U.S. EPA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conclude that consuming even a tiny concentration of lead can cause permanent damage to the brain and contribute to high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart diseases, and other health problems later in life. If we consider the yearly number of deaths due to toxic metal exposure in the U.S., the bar goes as high as up to 400,000 deaths per year due to lead exposure.

Therefore, the health directors and environmental protection enthusiasts are continually stressing over pulling out every lead-contaminated service line to give residents access to clean water. President Joe Biden is actively fighting for ecological justice and taking measures to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure, making efforts to make the service lines replacement process smoother over time.

Del Toral, the retired EPA scientist, urges the government to spread awareness about the dangers of lead-in-water and suggest alternative ways to the residents of Illinois to purify water and protect themselves from elevated lead levels in their drinking water.

As an Illinoisan, you should get your tap water diagnosed for elevated lead levels or take measures to replace the lead pipelines. The latter is more beneficial and recommended by experts as it eliminates all the possibilities of consuming lead-contaminated water.

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