Latest Trends For Modern Kitchen Plumbing

Latest Trends For Modern Kitchen Plumbing

The concept and importance of kitchens in any household have come a long way since it was only considered a means of preparing food or washing dishes. Nowadays, kitchens are a means of fulfilling one’s culinary dreams and a place to unwind with your beloved family members after a long and tiring day of work. Technological and design advancements have enabled us to make necessary enhancements in the kitchen plumbing to ensure that it plays its part in fulfilling aspiring home chefs’ culinary dreams.

Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer in Glenview, IL, provides the essential plumbing services, including kitchen sink installation and kitchen sink plumbing for an uninterrupted water supply to your kitchen. 

Today’s blog post will discuss the modern and technological advancements in kitchen plumbing that people are opting for these days.

Modern plumbing fixtures are sleek and simple in design, yet they serve their purpose more than the old-fashioned faucets. The following are some of the trendy and functional plumbing fixtures found in modern kitchens. 

Modern Faucets

Unlike traditional faucets, which had different handles for varying water temperatures, modern faucets offer ease and efficiency by providing cold and hot water temperatures under one handle. These faucets are usually available in stainless steel to prevent rusting or color fading. 

Pot Fillers

Another plumbing advancement is pot filler fixtures that can be taken out of their wall folding when required and then put back in place to avoid cluttering the space. Such fixtures that are interoperable are very efficient in saving up space in the kitchen. 

Bar Sink Faucets

Modern kitchens are often split into two areas, where the smaller area is used for cooking and the larger for dining. Bar sink faucets are usually installed in the larger space and come in handy when the small kitchen’s faucets are being used. Bar sink faucets often supply cold water as they are not preferred for washing dishes, so people don’t mind the absence of hot water. 

Additional Necessary Fixtures

Kitchen plumbing is not just restricted to fixtures and faucets. Other necessary items include water filters and soap dispensers, which should be installed in such a way that they blend in with other decors rather than stand out, looking unappealing. 

An aesthetically appealing but non-functional kitchen due to lack of proper plumbing and kitchen fixtures can be a major downer for the residents. It is essential to design and install similar color tones and premium quality plumbing fixtures to serve their purpose for a long time.

Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer in Glenview, IL, offers modern kitchens by installing the latest plumbing fixtures that maximize output and minimize the use of space. We provide a complete kitchen remodeling service.

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