Plumbing Considerations Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Plumbing Considerations Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Often, we tend to think that renovating a bathroom has to be an effort, involving lots of plumbing problems or expensive bathtub designs, but it is the opposite. Redesigning the bathroom doesn’t require much cash, nor does it require a decade of experience in remodeling work; what is needed is the right inspiration.

How you design the bathroom will have an incredible effect on how you perceive and use this facility. However, before starting the design, you must properly plan and a budget to satisfy all your renovating and plumbing needs.

Plumbing tasks can entail complicated steps, and a labor-intensive process, which is why to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer Inc. recruits the right experts in Glenview, IL. Reach out to us to get an estimate for plumbing services today!

Following are the top five plumbing considerations you must adapt before renovating your bathroom.

1. Replacing Accessories

Because bathrooms tend to be tight spots, making small changes can make a big difference. For instance, replacing the bathtub or sink is expensive, but changing necessary hardware or accessories such as handles and doorknobs on cabinets and repainting can give it a new look. Another idea is the installation of a new low-flow bathroom faucet that not only reduces water consumption but also reduces utility bills.

2. Painting Plumbing Pipes

It is essential to consider the plumbing pipes’ paint that will accompany the walls where tiles, mosaics, or ceramics are used. It’s no secret that painting is one of the cheapest ways to change the bathroom’s look entirely.

However, you must consider the color of your tiles, ceramics, or mosaics before you start painting the pipes. Otherwise, the walls and the pipes will be of a different color.

3. Designing the Style and Functionality

If the shower curtain covers a relatively large area of ​​your bathroom space, replace it with a well-priced shower screen. Moreover, you can try mixing different textures in the space to give it depth and versatility.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to buy matching rugs, toilet seat covers, and towels. The critical point is to find fabrics and materials that are diverse but work well together.

4. Evaluating the Lighting

Even if the bathroom doesn’t have any windows or outlets, it should be well-lit. You can install high-quality lights to highlight the components of the bathroom while focusing on the corners of the space.

5. Considering Minor Plumbing Issues

When budgeting for a bathroom renovation, ensure including the damages caused by water and its repair cost. Besides, major plumbing problems include inadequate pipe ventilation, old corroded pipes, broken showers, non-waterproof tile tubs in the vicinity, etc.

Bottom line: these steps must be taken out under the supervision of professionals to prevent any mishap. Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer Inc. in Glenview, IL, make sure you avail the best in class plumbing maintenance and installation service. For free consultation and advice on plumbing services in Northbrook, IL, call us today.


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