Top 3 Sewer Plumbing Questions Answered!

Top 3 Sewer Plumbing Questions Answered!

As a professional plumbing company with years of experience under our belt, we’re routinely asked many questions by our clients and customers. Sometimes the questions are about the latest plumbing equipment or models of water heaters, while in other cases, individuals are curious about solving a plumbing problem bothering them at home.

Regardless of how complicated or simple the problem is, our professionals have a solution for it. From our experience, homeowners generally face similar plumbing problems at home. Given the similarity of plumbing problems and repair questions, we’ve designed a guide to address them. There are three critical questions that our professionals are asked quite often. The answers to these questions will help you prepare for such a situation and give you tips on dealing with a plumbing problem in case you face it.

Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Generally, this is caused by the absence of a regular seal beside the flush valve, preventing the flapper from closing. Jiggling the handle usually solves the issue, but if the flapper is worn out and not sealed properly, you’ll have to replace it. Either way, not sealing the flapper will cause water to leak into the toilet.

What Should I Do About Clogged Drains?

Material build-up along the sides of your drain narrows the actual opening and prevents the smooth flow of water. Slow water drainage is invariably an indicator of a clogged drain. A clogged drain hampers your daily routine as you notice water build-up around your drain.

Pushing the wrong material inside the drain can also clog them. Lots of hair strands or children’s toys flushed down the toilet quite often result in clogged drains. In all cases, the solution should be to open the drain and allow smooth water flow.

A professional plumbing team has a solution to this problem. The team will determine the source of the underlying problem and take the necessary action for fixing it.

How Do I Clean My Drain?

There are different techniques to clean the drain. Softening the clog by running extremely hot water and following it up with grease-dissolving dish soap are some actions that you can take to clean the drain.

While cleaning the drain at home is easy, you should leave the more complicated problems for a professional. We’ve seen many DIY drain cleaning jobs fall flat on their face because homeowners are unaware of the technicalities involved.

Expert plumbers have answers to almost all your plumbing inquiries. Plumbing professionals such as those at Bill’s Plumbing and Sewer use their experience to find a solution to your residential or commercial plumbing issues. Residents of Morton Grove can share all their plumbing service problems with us, and our experienced professionals will use the latest equipment to get an immediate fix for the problem. Click here now to get a free quote for our services.


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