What's The Verdict When A Shower Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

What’s The Verdict When A Shower Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

If you have never had to experience the foul scent of contaminated tap water, you are among the lucky few. It’s a general complaint and does not matter whether your supply is from a well or the city. And, it is alarming to step into a hot shower that smells like water bears have invested it! Ugh! Sulfur!

Whether your water supply gives off odd chemical or organic scents, you might initially feel that your supply has been contaminated, but that is not always the case. Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer have a few tricks up their sleeve to help you identify the nature & origin of the dreadful scent.

From Where the Stench is Emanating?

Is it from all the faucets & shower heads?

You can try leaving the taps on for a while to waft the smell away. But if the smell remains, you might need to contact your utility provider company as the source is most likely contaminated.

Is it from one particular faucet or showerhead?

It could be a buildup of organic debris in the faucet filter fixture, causing the smell to accumulate. Leave the water to flow for a while, then unscrew & clean the faucet or shower head filter.

Only the hot water smells bad?

It is possibly sediment buildup deteriorating water heating elements in your tank that are the culprit. You might need to call us in for a water heater replacement or sediment flushing.

Is both hot & cold smell terrible?

There is something odd with your water supply or the building’s plumbing. We’ll check out your home’s plumbing for issues. There could be old lead pipes or sulfur contaminants, but if it is a problem with the supply, that is a more severe problem.

Types of Smelly Contaminants & Causes


It is commonly used for bacteria control & shock chlorination of water sources to deter the production of algae & biofilms in water storage facilities. It can give off an odd bleach scent. Let the taps run until the smell is gone.

Sewage & Sulfur

Too much chlorine sometimes combines with organic materials in the water and produces sulfur. The scent is disgusting and can infest drains or the water supply. You can use vinegar & baking soda for drain cleaning, but there may be a health risk if the water supply scent does not clear out.

Fishy Smell

There is possibly decaying organic matter in your drains, or some dead organic form has contaminated the water supply or your storage tank. Please clean & maintain your storage tanks from an entry of external contaminants. If the supply smells like dead animals, do not hesitate to call the water utility!

Gasoline Scent

This is a severe matter indicating chemical & inflammable groundwater contaminants from factories, industries, and buried fuel storage. Water runoff from agricultural land can also be a cause. One thing is for sure, no cigarette breaks in the privy!

Contact your water supply authority if you smell gas in the shower!

Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer, serving Glenview, IL, value your hot morning showers as much we value ours after a good night’s sleep, so the stench is not to be compromised with. However, we are just around the corner for your home plumbing issues & stinky showerheads if the need be.

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