Why It Is Necessary To Replace Lead Water Lines!

Why It Is Necessary To Replace Lead Water Lines!

Nowadays, there is a significant decline in the use of lead due to health reasons. The most significant exposure most people have to lead is in drinking water. Water contaminated by lead can result in health hazards that many people are completely unaware of.

The primary channel where the lead enters waterlines is through plumbing repairs or fixtures that have a relatively high concentration of lead corrosion. Homes in America that were built before 1986 are susceptible to developing lead corrosion in their water lines. However, even more recently developed homes can have a toxic concentration of lead in their water lines.

Lead can never naturally occur in water; however, through contaminants such as line plumbing, lead particles can enter the water. Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer Inc. offers lead water line replacement in Winnetka. We ensure effective replacement of corroded waterlines to allow a safe, lead-free supply of water! Get a free quote today!  

Health Impacts of Lead in Water Lines

Human exposure to lead usually occurs via inhalation or dermal contact. People usually ingest lead through exposure to lead paint. Paint on surfaces ages with time and starts to wear off. Particles of paint can enter the body through water consumption.  

Apart from domestic examples, lead exposure can also occur in the industrial sector. Waterlines can get contaminated by lead due to various industries including recycling, construction, plumbing, manufacturing, chemicals, etc.

Why replace water lines?

Waterlines affected by lead corrosion need to be replaced immediately because they pose a severe health risk. Children below the age of six are most susceptible to lead poisoning. Lead exposure can result in the following health hazards:

1. Severe brain damage, poisoning of the blood, and kidney damage.

2. A healthy adult may become infertile or sustain damage to their reproductive system due to long-term lead exposure.

3. Pregnant women are also in danger from lead because it can be harmful to the fetus and hinder natural growth. Premature births and miscarriages can also result from lead exposure during pregnancy.

4. Hyperactivity and cognitive impairments in children may also occur due to lead exposure.

Unfortunately, in the USA, replacing corroded lines is a long-term prospect as it is estimated that there are currently more than six million corroded service lines (LSLs) – making up around 30% of water systems in the country.

However, water supply companies across the country have taken measures towards removing LSLs, and the efforts have accounted for 40% success. Homeowners in Winnetka can gain access to lead-free water by availing water line replacement services of Bill’s Plumbing & Sewer Inc. Connect with us to get a free quote today!


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